सर्वेषाम् रोगाणाम् निदानम् कुपितः मलः॥

शुद्धो देहः शुद्धो मनःस्य | शतं वर्षाणि जीवन्ति च॥

स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्य रक्षणम् | आतुरस्य विकार प्रशमनम्॥

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About ShuddiHiiMS IPD Services

Rediscover your health in our best in class IPDs

Shuddhi HIIMS IPDs offer a wonderful amalgam of healthcare as well as inner wellbeing … in pristine, serene surroundings. Well-equipped with comfy patient rooms, therapy rooms, wards, and overall medical and ‘n’ wellness facilities for holistic treatment (comprising Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Panchkarma, Acupressure, and DIP Diet) – our IPDs facilitate apt treatment and faster recovery.

Patients are allotted rooms according to their preferences and treatment requirements. For patients who may not need a separate room avail themselves of the top-rung facilities in the spacious general ward itself.

  • check Aesthetically designed IPD rooms ensure patients’ comfort and privacy.

  • check Best in class IPD facilities here.

  • check State-of-the-art IPD centers have been further propped up with controlled air-conditioning, heating, ventilation, sanitization, and air purification mechanisms.

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What are your IPD specialties?

I am on Dialysis and doctors have recommended kidney transplant. Do you think I can benefit from your treatment?

How do I contact your IPD?

Can you give me an idea of the per-day IPD charges?

What is the IPD Consultation Fee?

How long do I need to stay at IPD for advanced stage conditions like Kidney Failure, Liver Failure, Diabetes etc.?

How do I get to know your doctors’ credentials?

What should a patient bring along for a stay at IPD?

Do you prescribe your own medicines? Any side-effects of these medicines?

Are your medicines validated by a regulatory body?

Do you have Laboratory and Testing Facility available at HIIMS IPDs?

What payment methods do you accept?

Does IPD provide treatment for advanced stage diseases/conditions?

Can I know about the experiences of any such patients who benefitted from treatment at HIIMS?

What is the admission process at IPD?

How do I book IPD appointment?

How many consultations does the fee include?

Do you have treatment for cancer patients also?

If I need any assistance regarding IPD appointment, who do I contact?

What if I want to change my date/time of an already scheduled IPD appointment?

Where do I buy these medicines?

Can I take my allopathic medicines along with your ayurvedic medicines?

Do you have Trauma/Emergency Facility available at HIIMS hospitals?

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