सर्वेषाम् रोगाणाम् निदानम् कुपितः मलः॥

शुद्धो देहः शुद्धो मनःस्य | शतं वर्षाणि जीवन्ति च॥

स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्य रक्षणम् | आतुरस्य विकार प्रशमनम्॥

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About ShuddhiHIIMS Panchkarma Therapies

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Panchkarma therapy helps in cleansing your body, eliminating the toxins, relaxing your mind, and rejuvenating the body tissues. Panchkarma is reckoned as a holistic curative, preventive, and palliative therapy. So it can be used to good effect by anyone who is afflicted with some disease or chronic condition, or a healthy individual who cares for maintaining good health, or a beauty and wellness enthusiast.

The word “Panchkarma” connotes “Five Actions” - so the panchkarma practice comprises five aspects.

  • check Vaman (Emesis)

  • check Virechan (Purgation)

  • check Basti (Medicated Enemas)

  • check Nasya (Medicated Nasal Oils)

  • check Raktamokshan (Toxic bloodletting)

Panchakarma is immensely favorable for the prevention, remedy, and management of a whole host of diseases and conditions like - Osteoarthritis, Gout, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Neck pain, Backache, Slip disc, Cervica, Muscle pains, Sciatica, Psoriasis, Eczema, Paralysis, Migraine, Sinusitis, Depression, stress, sleeplessness, addiction, Thyroid, Diabetes, BP.

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