सर्वेषाम् रोगाणाम् निदानम् कुपितः मलः॥

शुद्धो देहः शुद्धो मनःस्य | शतं वर्षाणि जीवन्ति च॥

स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्य रक्षणम् | आतुरस्य विकार प्रशमनम्॥

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Expert Doctor Consulation @ Home

Our innovative healthcare Treatment-at-Home service in the Ayurveda landscape opens doors for effective healthcare to enter right into your home space for addressing your acute illness or a chronic disease. Treatment @ home service has been specially set up for advanced stage bed-ridden patients, older patients, and patients who can’t afford hospitalization for some reason.

Treatment @ Home Advantages:

  • check Innovative, effective way of addressing your disease or chronic condition.

  • check A panel of doctors and specialists helping you at your home, via live video calls and telephonic consultation.

  • check Cost-effective and time-efficient way of treatment.

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