Oops ! it's summer again And the danger of skin allergy has started looming!

Causes of  Skin Allergy

Skin allergy can be caused by dust, insect bite and any medicine.

Apart from this,  beauty products and pets can also cause skin allergies.

Some Common Symptoms

Some Common Symptoms

Burning or itching on the skin and swelling.

Rash and redness of the skin.

Precautions For Skin Allergy

Cover your face and arms and go outside.

Drink enough water and wear loose and cotton clothes.

But if skin allergy has happened then

But if skin allergy has happened then

Don't consume eggs, milk and milk products.

Apart from this, avoid consuming wheat and groundnut.

Apply Coconut Oil

Its moisturizing properties reduce itching in allergic conditions.

Warm coconut oil lightly and apply it on the allergic skin, do not massage.

Eat foods rich in Vitamin -C

The antioxidants present in Vitamin C may also provide protection against skin allergies

That's why include tomato, cauliflower, kiwi, lemon, amla, orange etc. in the routine

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