सर्वेषाम् रोगाणाम् निदानम् कुपितः मलः॥

शुद्धो देहः शुद्धो मनःस्य | शतं वर्षाणि जीवन्ति च॥

स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्य रक्षणम् | आतुरस्य विकार प्रशमनम्॥

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Scientifically concocted by Dr. Biswaroop Rai Chowdhury, DIP DIET is a comprehensive diet plan and food formula that works wonders a remedy for your health issues, overall fitness and wellness, as well as in redressing your diseases and chronic conditions.

Over the years, DIP Diet mechanism has helped many patients improve and even reverse their chronic conditions.

Herein, a patient is prescribed a specific diet that helps in the regeneration of nephrons in his kidney. This enables his body to cure itself without external support.

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Get 24/7 care over Whatsapp chat and phone calls from the comfort of your home or wherever you go. When you don't know how much to eat and what to eat InstaDiet's dietitians are the best diet and health consultants all over India.

One of our expert dietitians will get in touch with you and help you achieve your weight management goals by giving the best diet & nutrition plan according to your health.

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Ayurvedic Diet Guidelines

Each person requires a different type of diet depending on their body type. As per Ayurvedic diet guidelines; for example, a person with a strong vata constitution or suffering vata imbalances may counteract the effects of dryness in the body by focusing on moist foods. A person who is dominant in kapha, however, may counteract the heaviness of kapha with light, drier and easy-to-digest foods. Optimal diet and digestion are also influenced by harmonizing with the time of day and the season. Different foods have different effects on our bodies. For example, foods can be heavy, light, heating, cooling, hot, or cold. For example, if you have excess pitta (fire), you need to eat cooling foods. But if you have excess kapha (cool, moist), you will need to choose warming foods.

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Our team of dieticians and highly creative chefs collectively ensure that the meals are healthy, tasty and satisfying, sourcing the finest ingredients to prepare nutritionally-balanced, freshly-cooked, hygienic and healthy meals.

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